Ronnie Fieg to release his 50th asics collaboration.

This year will mark the 10th year of footwear pioneer Ronnie Fieg’s collaborations with asics, this will also coincide with the release of the 50th from the duo and we should all be very excited. Over the years we have seen some of the most iconic sneaker releases in history Rose Golds, Coves, Mazarins, Super Greens, Leatherbacks, the names just keep on coming. Something huge is on it’s way.

The man himself has just released this info graphic featuring a large proportion of his asics collaborations together with some poignant words about his work with the brand and his love of the industry. Over the years Ronnie has single handedly been responsible for the re-introduction of models such as the Gel Lyte V, Gel Sight, GT Cool Express and most recently the original Gel Lyte III. It’s safe to say that the man has played a huge part in the popularity of the asics line and his love of the brand has opened many people’s eyes to the brand and some beautiful silhouettes.

After 10 years of work and to commemorate this momentous occasion one can expect huge things from the asics maestro. Keep an eye open for further details as they come in.


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